Winter Fur and Snow Polo at St. Moritz 2014 Fashion

What do you get when you mix celebrities, polo ponies, snow and the Swiss Alps? St. Moritz World Cup challenge for the coveted Cartier trophy and one of the most exclusive winter fashion scenes each year! This year the snow polo competition runs from January 30- February 2, 2014 and is held in the cold mountains of Switzerland among polo fans and fashionistas. The best word to describe St. Moritz winter wonderland style is FUR. Everyone wears their most expensive and stylish fur boots, fur jackets, fur hats… basically even the animals are covered in fur! Check out some of the best winter fashion looks below!

The St. Moritiz Polo Competition 2014 is sponsored by Cartier, Deutsche Bank, BMW, and Ralph Lauren. So you can bet on luxury! Designer Fur fashion, snow kicked up by the horses, and of course bottles of champagne. This event is must see for anyone that loves polo and the Swiss Alps ski resort style!

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