Who Wore It Best: Kylie vs Kendall

Who Wore It Best: Kylie vs Kendall Jenner-

This casual outfit spotted on both sisters features a pair of loose fitting ripped jeans and an Alexander Wang Cotton Striped Crop Tee:

In this Fashion Fight, we ask which Jenner sister wore this comfy weekend look better? Both Kylie and Kendall have unique style. Kylie usually wears edgy black lipstick and has more of a goth meets punk-designer vibe. Kendall, who is undoubtedly a rising star in the fashion world as a runway model and appearing in several print ads. (Kendall recently walked for Chanel during Paris Fashion Week!) Kendall appears to dress more sporty-prep during her off days, she is adapting to NYC’s fashion trends, since she spends time working there. Kylie keeps her style more California cool.

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However, like most sisters, these two Reality TV Princesses share clothes and both wore the same outfit. Kylie added a Balenciaga bag, black converse shoes, and accessorized with a necklace and bracelets for her OOTD. Kendall kept her look simple, opting to wear skinny ripped jeans and black leather city boots. So the question remains, Who Wore It Best: Kylie or Kendall?

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Who Wore It Better?Kylie Jenner or Kendall Jenner in Alexander Wang Cotton Rib Cropped Tee
Who Wore It Best: Kylie vs Kendall

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