What To Wear To A Job Interview

What To Wear To A Job Interview :

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Here are some fashion tips that can help you land that new job or promotion. Knowing what to wear to a job interview is easy if you follow a few basic guidelines to dress for success.

Rule #1-

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Colors are important for creating a great first impression. Chances are the person who is interviewing you will need to be impressed by more than just your resume. Style and Confidence are key! Try wearing trusted colors like black, grey, navy, white. A pop of red can be memorable too! In a situation where you may have to compete for a job with several other qualified applicants, choose a red style accent to stand out in the crowd. Avoid colors such as pink, orange, green, too much black, and purple.

Rule #2-

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When dressing for the job you want, rely on a classic look. A nude or black pump works best, instead of boots or stilettos. In this situation, heels with a modest height are better for women to wear in a job interview because being tall is powerful and seen as a positive trait in the office workplace. But leave the über-chic trendy club heels at home! They will not send a professional message to your potential new boss. Also, leave the comfortable flats at home too! You should wear a medium heel to a new job interview.

 Rule #3-

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Play up you femininity with a flirty blouse, once again be modest on cleavage. But don’t be afraid to dress girly. Wearing a statement bracelet, or a soft shirt will actually work in your benefit. Most men and women in the professional workplace look for a strong, yet also feminine leader. Someone who is a combination of grace, style and a hard-working attitude can be appreciated. You don’t have to dress masculine to be hired. Stick to a basic pencil skirt, tucked in white button top, and heels. A luxury bag, if you own one, and just one piece of jewelry is the perfect job interview look. The idea is to appear strong, professional, and also approachable.

Rule #4-

What to wear for a promotion


Keep makeup and fragrances/lotion to a minimum. Have clean, simple hair and just wear a smile! There is a balance between looking polished and groomed, and looking like you are going out with your girlfriends. Fake eyelashes are ok, only if they are a natural look. Use nude palettes for eyeshadows, and pick a soft lip color for a professional job interview look. Remember to get a simple manicure before, it is essential! These slimming black pants look great with a white linen top, add a black bag to pull the whole outfit together.


The quintessential job interview outfit pictured above is one of the best ways to dress for creating an amazing first impression. A pencil skirt with a poplin shirt tucked in, and a statement necklace completes this outfit. An alternative to the power pantsuit of the 90’s, these matching sets from Theory are updated and posh.

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