Wearable Technology At CES 2014

Wearable Technology At CES 2014 –

Each year tech heads flock to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Convention. CES is the best place to scope out new gadgets and software, the biggest trend in tech this year is wearables. Companies like Sony are introducing new ways to wear devices for music lovers, gym rats, and avid shoppers. To see some of Sony’s emerging wearables, check out the video below:

At CES 2014, you will see the SmartWatch, Stereo Bluetooth Headset, and SmartWear. The future of fashion and lifestyle devices is growing and the wearable market is expanding. Tech accessories are an easy way to express fashion sense, like tablet and smartphone covers, but why not try something more geek chic? Smart accessories are the latest fashion trend, because you are what you wear!

Sony wearable fashion 2014 ces gadget preview

Sony is also debuting a wearable 3-D Home Theater HeadGear Gadget! This wearable device is called HMZ-T1 and it features 0.7-inch OLED screens, one for each eye, to create an immersive 3D experience. Read More about this product here!

Last Fall, Google Glass was the hottest wearable fashion trend that everyone was buzzing about during New York’s Fashion Week. Project Runway judge Nina Garcia famously wore them to each fashion show she attended and documented her experience on Instagram.

Designer Zac Posen and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia wearing google glass


(Designer Zac Posen and Nina Garcia wearing Google Glass, 2013)

What do you think about the future of these new upcoming wearables. Not every product from CES makes it onto store shelves, but we hope to see some of these Brave New World type inventions available for tech savvy fashionistas!

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