Popular Fashion Tumblr Pages We Love!

Have you ever dreamed of a closet full of Christian Louboutins? Red soles as far as you eyes can see? Maybe a new Hermes Birkin Bag each month would be better! Fashion Fantasies come alive on these popular fashion tumblr pages we love! Here are our top 3 picks for fresh Haute Couture visuals you will get inspired by:



Kylie Jenner’s Tumblr:


First we heard of this free spirited, no apologies fashion collage from the Keeping of With The Kardashian’s reality show. It seemed kind of silly that older sister Kim Kardashian was ‘tumblr stalking’ her younger and seemingly cooler sister Kylie. But after we took a closer look at Kylie Jenner’s Tumblr, we were intrigued. Fashion is complex blend of expression, attitude and aesthetics… looking the way you feel in your soul is essential! Great job Kylie, your interpretation of the fashion world is brilliant and Fashion Illuminati approved!


Walk in Louboutin:


Monsieur Christian Louboutin makes shoes so beautiful and tres classe that almost every female in the world craves them! Red bottom shoes are so coveted and desirable that Louboutins wearers have been inspired to learn french just to pronounce the heels. With each pair retailing on average over $1,000, ‘Loubies’ are the way into any girl’s soul, or sole! Check out this popular fashion tumblr blog and prepare to go shoe-porn crazy! If Sex and The City taught us anything it is that shoes can cost more than your rent!


Famous Fashion Quotes:


Sometimes inspiration can come from a single thought or emotion. Fashion designers, celebrities and models are all artists in a similar way. Creating a look that is new and inspiring requires a muse and a soul-searching individual, both willing to take style risks to display something innovative and provocative. Art imitates life and vice-versa… fashion is one of the most sophisticated ways of self-expression. The way we dress says so much more about us than any word could from our mouths. Fashion is power… Check out this famous fashion quotes tumblr for some thought provoking statements.

Checking out new Fashion related Tumblr pages is one of our favorite ways to stay inspired and updated on emerging trends. If you have a cool fashion tumblr page, leave us a comment with a link and we would love to share more of these fabulous fashion collages! 

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