Michael Kors Affordable Luxury

Michael Kors brand has become an American Fashion favorite similar to Coach and Guess Accessories. The MK logo is affordable luxury, that allows everyone to indulge in fashion’s latest trends, without having to spend too much money.


These cute and colorful Michael Kors totes are visually similar to Louis Vuitton’s popular NeverFull Bag. Both are colorful, trendy and made from durable leather, but Michael Kors’ purse is considerably cheaper in price.



These two purses are so much alike that it makes you wonder how copyright law allow Michael Kors to sell them. The MK brand does borrow some of the season’s hottest elements from other High-End handbag designers such as Chanel, Hermés and Céline … but is also different enough to stand alone as something much more than a knock-off purse brand.



While Michael Kors purse designs might not always be ‘first to market’, they are an American substitute for foreign luxury and a MK bag makes a great gift!

Instead of spending $50,000+ on a pink Hermes Birkin bag made from pink ostrich leather,


You can get the same rich look with Michael Kors Hamilton Specchio Large North South Tote.



And instead of spending $3,000 on Chanel’s Grand Shopping Tote in Black Caviar Leather,



You can buy Michael Kors look-alike Large Susannah Tote in Black pictured below:



Not everyone can afford Celine’s Luggage bag from Paris because it retails for about $3,000 and also is hard to find in the US.



But this popular trapeze bag style is also made by Michael Kors, pictured below, and only costs about $400!



Michael Kors is emerging as well-known and trusted American Brand that the average college student, new mother, or recently single woman would love to sport and can also buy! Function, style, and availability are three reasons why we love Michael Kors purses. Which bag is your favorite? If you own a Michael Kors bag and want to send us your review of any Michael Kors Products feel free to comment below!


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