Kenzo Paris Street Fashion

Kenzo Paris Street Fashion is coming to the US!

The hottest street style trend comes from Kenzo Paris! These bold colored sweatshirts and wild eye prints are just part of Japanese designer Kenzo Takada’s vision of hardcore-lux streetwear. Spotted on fashion forward celebrities such as Rihanna, Hailee Steinfeld, Selena Gomez, and Rita Ora!


Beyonce is a huge fan of clothing designer Kenzo too! She wore exclusive Kenzo custom-made outfits while on her European concert tour!


Kenzo Paris brand clothing is the anti-fashion type of style that originally stemmed from designer Kenzo’s lack of funding to buy expensive sample material. Instead he chose to use fabric from flea sales for his first designs. That spirit of rugged, unapologetic style helped to shape Kenzo brand into the now rebellious style young fashion fans are wearing! Paris fashion week 2013 was all about Kenzo street style… check out some of our favorite Kenzo looks on celebrities and fashionistas around the world:

The Kenzo fashion trend is relatively new and fresh despite the fact that Kenzo Takada originally started his line in 1970. New York, Paris and Los Angeles are the first cities to embrace Kenzo’s wild lion print and eye sweatshirt style. Kenzo also recently launched a new shoe line with Vans just in time for school season. The eye sweatshirt retails for about $250, so Kenzo is certainly a street-chic luxury brand! For shopping info check out


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