Jennifer Lawrence landed Vogue’s September Issue 2013 Cover!


Congrats to J. Law! We knew Jennifer Lawrence was a Fashion Illuminati member since her big break in the movie Hunger Games… who else could look that gorgeous while surviving in the future-based game of kill or be killed? Anna Wintour is quintessentially¬†the dictator of the known fashion world, and she plucks any newcomer she wants! And the Queen has spoken, she wants Jennifer Lawrence to grace the cover of Vogue’s most popular month of the year, September. The September Issue is always thicker and much more style substance based than any of the other 11 issues… The magazine has been called the fashion bible! The September Issue generates the bulk of Vogue’s ad revenue and has also has been reported to weigh over 5 lbs.! Editor-In-Cheif Anna Wintor always does an impressive job at keeping Vogue relevant each year. This year Vogue has come up with a new trend called #Voguestagrams. This is a new fun way to post a picture of you or a friend reading vogue by the beach, or perusing through the pages on a plane or while sipping your morning coffee in a chic Cafe. The internet is a buzz over these new #Voguestagrams so we decided to share a few of our favorites:


Cute, creative and fun way to read Vogue! We can’t wait to see more of these Voguestagrams on twitter and instagram! Be sure to follow @FashnIlluminati for more fashion updates!


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