How To Wear a Chanel Tweed Suit


Chanel’s Iconic tweed suit has been worn by female politcal leaders, famous actresses, supermodels and even Anna Wintour herself is fan of the classic fashion staple. The brand Chanel is known for their tweed suits and of course the Double Flap Chanel tweed purse. Being able to pull off the tweed look is challenging. To avoid looking older than you are, try to keep the rest of your outfit simple and chic. Too much tweed can be a bad thing! Also be sure to pick a Chanel tweed color scheme that will match well with other items in your existing wardrobe and choose a color that suits both your hair color and skin tone. White tweed with black accents is perfect for with ladies with darker skin tones and black tweed looks great on blondes with light skin tones. Adding a Chanel pin to your tweed jacket is also a fashionable way to rock the whole ensemble. Check out some of the best ways to wear the beloved Chanel tweed suit:

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