How To Tie An Hermes Scarf (VIDEOS)

Hermes silk scarves are known internationally as luxury, statement pieces that exude class and style. Learning how to tie an Hermes scarf is something every woman in fashion should know! Watch this easy video and learn the simple way to tie a criss-cross knot with a scarf:

Hermes scarves can also be worn as belts and hair wraps, depending on your personal style.


More women should wear a scarf and incorporate this classic trend into their wardrobe. It is a simple, elegant, and refined way to look polished. Style is personal and each scarf tells a story about the woman wearing it, so be sure to pick one that suits you!


FYI: Hermes has an app now that can teach you all the different ways to wear a scarf. Each specific knot and style ideas beyond traditional, are all on the app. For more info, read here on Huffington Post Style!

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