Fur Trend Report

One of our favorite winter trends is fur! As the temperature drops and Holiday opulence settles in, fur vests, boots, and jackets also hit the fashion scene. This cold weather style is controversial, and we strongly recommend wearing faux fur. However, either real or not, fur is an essential element of winter fashion.


A touch of soft, warm fur adds luxury to an otherwise normal winter coat! A basic black fur jacket like the one above will match perfectly with a night-out dress. Or a beige vest with fur lining can pair simply with jeans and flats for a crisp daytime look.


Boots with the fur are an iconic fashion statement thanks to Flo Rida and his popular song lyrics. Leather ankle boots with fur are the updated version of this style. Australian Uggs is a brand that is also hugely popular worldwide and they have several new styles of fur boots this year!


Fur hats are not just for Russia anymore ladies! Embrace this exotic winter headpiece any time you have a bad hair day this winter and/or want to extra warm!

fall fur trend

Runway Report: Fur jackets that tie at the waist are sliming and fabulous! Create the ultimate hourglass figure with one of these designer Jackets, click here to shop Neiman Marcus!

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The secret to wearing fur is to keep it simple. Only one statement piece of your outfit should be made from fur, any more than that can appear tacky. Also be sure to care for your fur fashion items delicately, click here for fur storage advice. When shopping for fur hats, vest, boots, or coats, try to be humane. Think about how you feel before you purchase any fur items and always look for faux fur when possible. Faux fur is a better choice for several reasons… including both financially and empathetically. Remember, fur can also be a great and timeless gift. Happy Holiday Shopping!

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