Fashion Fights: Who Wore It Best?

Here at Fashion Illuminati we like to rank celebrity style by playing a game called Fashion Fights… It similar to Fashion Police’s contest called B*tch Stole My Look. When two celebrities wear the same outfit it can be both funny and enlightening… based on how the celebrity was styled. So there can only be one winner, lets play!

This mustard colored blazer by Stella McCartney is a must have fall fashion piece that can be worn in several ways… Who do you think won this Fashion Fight?



Kim Kardashian Vs Beyonce Vs Kirsten Dunst Vs Miranda Kerr

First of all, it is funny that Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Miranda Kerr goes to Whole Foods grocery shopping looking this glamorous! And Kirsten Dunst paired yellow with a pair of yellow printed pant…?! No sweetie… just no…

I think the clear cut winner here is Beyonce! Skinny jeans and this pop of color in a tailored blazer is the perfect combination of sophistication and street style.



Ok now lets move onto another Fashion Fight from these two gorgeous gals!¬†Scarlett Johansson and Katy Perry both wore Dolce & Gabbana’s Joan of Arc dress. I think the debate here is all about the accessories… This gold encrusted gown is so opulent on it’s own and even though one stye is for the Met Gala (Katy Perry) and the other is a magazine cover, we are giving the crown here to the girl wearing it! Katy Perry completely embraced the MET Gala punk theme by paying homage to one of the greatest female rebels in history, Joan of Arc. The earrings, the crown and the pose are all perfect for dress!



Horizontal Black and White strips are tricky to pull off, especially in a short bandage style mini dress! Sophia Bush, Christina Aguilera and Khloe Kardashian were all three spotted wearing the same Herve Leger plunging dress out on the town.. But who was able to fight their way to the top in this Fashion Fight? Christina Aguilera took the trophy on this one! She looks better than ever in this curve-hugging dress and the knuckle ring accessories made the outfit more memorable. It looks great on all three celebs but Christina wore it best!



Now here is a fun fashion fight over Louis Vuitton Checkers…. Who wore this iconic print the best?

Kristen Stewert came out swinging… but her hairstyle (or lack thereof) made this outfit look sloppy as a whole. And Kirsten Dunst choice to wear the allover print as a floor sweeping gown was a fashion faux pas. Jessica Alba looked chic as always in Louis Vuitton. However the winner in this fashion fight is clearly Miranda Kerr. She paired the lighter version of the LV checkered print with coordinating nude heels and the outfit was cohesive, sexy and perfection!

kardashian birkin


This Fashion Fight runs in the family! The Kardashian Trio of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe are all avid Birkin bag collectors. Considering that each luxury Hermes purse has a starting retail price of $15,000, I think they are fighting over who has the best color! The vivid orange that Kourtney is carrying is the iconic Hermes brand orange and it is the most common color to have. The yellow Birkin is casual and perfect for daytime outfits. While the bright blue navy Birkin can come in alligator leather and might be the most expensive purse from the three pictured here. The real winner in this Fashion Fight is Kris Jenner, their momager, who reportedly owns a closet full of custom made neon Birkin bags to vintage Birkins. Well played Kris, well played!


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