Fashion Fights: Who wore it Best?

It’s time for another installment of Fashion Fights here on Fashion Illuminati! Time to take off the boxing gloves and fight it out for the winner of Who Wore it Best? First up is a fashion face-off featuring Scarlett Johansson and Amber Heard. Both of these blonde beauties wore black gowns with straps on their backs, but who wore this formal style best on the red carpet?



Scar-Jo rocked this sleek black Calvin Klein gown and Amber aka perhaps the new Mrs Johnny Depp wore a similar dress made by Yves Saint Laurent. So Who Wore It Best? Amber Heard is the obvious winner in this style showdown because she looks slim, tan, toned, and her hair up-do accents the halter-style gown perfectly!



These two fashionistas could be twins! Both Kendall Jenner and Victoria Justice sparkled in this eye crop top made by Nasty Gal. Victoria paired her top with with a shiny metallic skirt, while Kendall opted for high-waisted white skinny jeans. The top itself is flirty and flashy perfect for both events, but we think that Victoria interpreted the style best by wearing the eye top unzipped and with a playful pleated skirt… Victoria wins this Fashion Fight!

heart-print Burberry shirt harry-styles-victoria-beckham


All is fair in fashion right? Well what do you guys think about Harry Styles and Victoria Beckham both stepping out in a heart printed, button up blouse? Even though his name is Harry Styles, Posh Spice is the ruler of fashion styles… So there can be only one winner in this war! Victoria Beckham emerges victoriously in this Fashion Fight simply because she paired the heart printed blouse with her signature sunglasses and it just looks better on her… sorry Harry!

Vera wang


UH-oh! This Fashion Fight involves two of Fashion Illuminati’s favorite gals! Selena Gomez and model Chrissy Tiegen wore this black structured, tulip hem dress made by Vera Wang… This dress was just recently featured at New York Fashion Week as part of Vera Wang’s new ready to wear line. But who wore it best? Funny lady and soon to be wifey of singer John Legend, Chrissy is the winner of this wardrobe war because the tailoring of the dress appears to fit her body shape better and we love the bold gold clutch! Tough to go up against a supermodel in a fashion fight!



Next up are Leann Rimes vs Brooklyn Decker in this swirly printed dress by Stella McCartney. Although we are not a huge fan of Leann’s chunky platform heels, the dress itself looks best on her. Brooklyn Decker’s version of this dress is too complicated around the bust and waist area and frankly it just confused us visually.

Joyrich bone-print harem pants


These Joyrich bone-print harem pants were spotted on Amber Rose and Rihanna. Both girls have edgy street style but new mommy Amber Rose takes the fashion cake! Pairing the black and white romper with spiky Louboutin heels and a confident strut makes her the fashion winner! Note to Rihanna, your black hightop sneakers are not cute!

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