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The most important accessory has become the beloved cell phone case. Whether you use an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 or even an android phone.. you can tell a lot about person’s fashion taste by the cover of their phone! We have compiled the best cell phone covers to coordinate with all types of personal style!



This diamond encrusted gold iPhone case is so luxurious and brilliant that anyone would love to adorn their phone with it. The price is steep at $20,000, so of course this cell phone case is a status symbol. For more information check out



Another great option for your cell phone is this protective case made from gemstones such as Turquoise, Howlite and Gold Jet. This gorgeous iPhone case is both durable and fashionable. Plus, the price is a little more reasonable at $150 available also at Case-Mate.



This Chanel iPhone case is so unique. It comes in various colors and resembles a Chanel nail lacquer bottle. Finally you can match your manicure to your cell phone case! Check these colorful options out on

Kris Jenner Portrait Shoot

We love the Kardashian’s style, especially Kris Jenner’s ‘Queen of F**king Everything’ black and white iPhone case from Kitson boutique in Los Angeles. Fortunately, this cell phone case is also available online to anyone who may not live in LA, check out for this case and other trendy iPhone cases!



Elegantly Untamed is a website that offers handmade, custom iPhone cases made to order with jewels, pearls and Swarovski crystals. Each cell phone case is unique and no two cases are the same. They arrive in a gorgeous box and celebrities like Lilly Ghalichi from Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset show, love this company. Check out their site here!



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