Cartier’s Bracelet Watch is GLAMOUR!

This time piece is so unique and beautiful it will take your breath away! Cartier is famous for making watches that offer innovative design paired with luxurious elements. In this case, a white gold jeweled bracelet is transformed into a watch that comes face to face with diamonds and green beryl.

1239447_520912544647758_1976129763_nA statement piece that you can assume will be added to a wealthy person’s estate collection, this articulate design will be worn by few by admired by many. Green Beryl looks like emerald birthstone and scores 7.5 on the gemstone hardness scale, meaning that this watch will be durable enough to wear for many years. Cartier pieces are symbols of love, beauty and time. This bracelet watch is the type of gift you imagine being passed onto a lucky daughter, niece, or granddaughter one day. For more information on this watch, check out


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