Balenciaga Handbags that Celebrities Love!


Balenciaga purses like the City Bag and Motorcycle bag are very trendy right now! Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Nicole Ritchie, and Lauren Conrad all wear their Balenciaga purses out and about around town.


So what is all the buzz about? The Balenciaga City Bag comes in many different colors and it made from soft leather that is durable to last for several years. The metal hardware is also strong, including the zipper detailing… which is trademark Balenciaga style!


Both the Balenciaga City Bag and Motorcycle handbags are popular among celebrities and models because they are large enough to fit everything a gorgeous gal on the go needs. The City bag can carry a wallet, make up, cellphone, hair brush, and anything else a cosmopolitan woman should have on her while jaunting around town.

Check out this fashion blogger’s Balenciaga Bag review:


MTV’s The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad were both spotted totting Balenciaga’s luxurious purse!


What do you think about these Balenciaga purses? Do you own one? What is your favorite color?


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